Nursing Mothers Writing Exams

Purpose: To protect the integrity of the examination writing process, and to provide an environment for nursing mothers who are writing exams at Athabasca University (AU) exam writing locations.

AU will:

  • Provide additional time to the student that examination completion and nursing may require.
  • Ensure the appropriate adjustments to online exams to accommodate nursing time.
  • Remove the paper examination from the exam writing room during the nursing period and make a notation on the front of the examination with the time period required for nursing the child.

Students will:

  • Contact us at 1-800-788-9041 and ask for exam services (Calgary or Edmonton) in advance of their anticipated exam write date to make arrangements for the additional time that may be required for the completion of the exam.
  • Make arrangements for another individual to care for the child, outside of the examination room, during the examination period. To ensure the integrity of the examination process, and help provide a distraction free writing environment, the child may not be present in the examination room during the writing of the examination.
  • Nurse her child when required. When finished, the student will notify the Exam Invigilator, return the child to the caregiver, and resume examination writing.

Note: The student is not permitted to access their locker, cell phone, or any personal items during the Nursing break.