Examination Request Deadlines

All examination requests, with the exception of Supplemental Examinations, must be received by AU before your course contract end date. You cannot write or request an examination before your course contract start date.

Examinations to be written at the Athabsaca University Calgary or Edmonton locations (in person) must be submitted 10 days prior to your write date.

Students may request exams by using the Online Examination Request form and will be provided with an email confirmation of their examination write date and time within two days of submitting the request. We may be required to contact you regarding your exam request we will do this by either phone call or email.

Arrive on Time!

Arrive promptly for your examination. Latecomers can be extremely disruptive to other students writing examinations. If you arrive more than 15 minutes late for a scheduled examination and you have not notified your exam invigilator you should try to rebook your examination. You will be charged an examination rebooking fee.

Examination Attempt and Examination Time Allotments

Once a student has viewed an examination, unless the incorrect examination has been provided the examination will be considered an examination attempt.

Holiday Closures

Examination requests that are received prior to the University closure for courses with a course contract end date of December 31 are allowed additional time to write their examinations without being charged the “Late Exam fee”. Exams must be requested for Calgary and Edmonton sites still 10 days in advance of your contract end date which would be by December 21 of each year. Exams requested prior to the University closure for courses with a contract end date of December 31 must be completed no later than January 15 of the following year.

This additional time does not apply to other course work such as assignments and quizzes, which must be completed on or before the December 31 contract end date.

Any examination requests received after the University closure but prior to the course contract end date of December 31 will be process as a Late Examination Request with a fee.

Supplemental Examinations

If you are not satisfied with your initial examination mark you may request and write one supplemental examination for each midterm or final exam required in your course. The higher of the two marks will be used in calculating your final course grade.

Athabasca University charges a non-refundable fee to request this exam.

Supplemental Examinations must be requested no later than 90 calendar days after the date of writing the initial examination. The supplemental exam must be written no earlier than 10 days and no later than 30 days after submitting the request.

Supplemental examinations are written as requested.

Challenge for Credit

Information on Challenge for Credit:

Please complete the form at the link below:

Marks and Grades

The marks for your assignments and examinations should be available to you approximately five to seven days after Athabasca University receives them from the marker. Unofficial final grades should be available 10 business days after Athabasca University receives the marks for your last assignment or examination.

Neither of these timelines includes mailing times.

For each course you complete, the Office of the Registrar will provide a statement of the final grade that you achieved and the credits you earned.

Grading Policy/Final Grades

Information available in Section 6 of the AU Calendar.

Exam Appeals

If you are advised to submit an exam appeal for Calgary or Edmonton examinations you may submit your appeal from the following location:

Please ensure that you identify yes to the question: Is your appeal related to examination services provided at Athabasca University Edmonton or Athabasca University Calgary?

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